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SermonSpeaker 5.4.3 is released.
  • It fixes again the series download. This time hopefully for real.
  • The Amazon S3 integration once again should work. I've updated the S3 library to the latest version.
  • The biggest change is the new uploader. The previous used was no longer maintained.

SermonSpeaker 5.4.2 is released.
  • Fixed an error in the router which broke the series download
  • Adding "New" buttons to series and speaker list and table layouts similar to what was in the sermons layouts. This button will show if frontend editing is enabled and the user is allowed to create an item. It will then allow to create a new series or speaker.
SermonSpeaker 5.4.1 is released.
It fixes three bugs:
  • Sermons, series and speakers manager by default now only show published and unpublished items.
  • The SermonSpeaker version shown in the help view and some other places is no automatically retrieved. It used to be hardcoded and I usually forgot to update it.
  • In the sermons manager, the small icon to publish/unpublish a sermon works again.

SermonSpeaker 5.4.0 is released.

It adds the Publish Up/Down feature known from articles, now triggers the plugin event "onContentPrepareData" in edit forms and has some minor UX adjustments in backend.

There is also a ne plugin available which comes in handy if you use the Churchtool software "kOOL".

SermonSpeaker 5.4.0 will need Joomla 3.4.0 to properly run.

SermonSpeaker 5.3.1 is released.
It fixes three bugs:
  • Series and Speakers manager allow again to sort by clicking on the table headers
  • Series/Sermons view no longer shows all sermons in the first series
  • The JavaScript to play a sermon now properly targets the correct player.