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SermonSpeaker 5.5.2 is released.
  • Fixing a fatal error when SermonSpeaker is accessed without a valid Itemid (menu item).
SermonSpeaker 5.5.1 is released.
  • Carousel layout for latest sermons module
  • Fixing a bug when using PHP 7
  • Improving SEF URLs
  • Feed uses meta data if present
  • Fixing authentication for "edit own" permission

SermonSpeaker 5.5.0 is released.
  • Improvements with AmazonS3
  • Improvements with URL generation/Routing
  • Improvements with archived sermons handling
  • Additional file information shown when ID3 lookup is used
  • JSON output for sermons list

SermonSpeaker 5.4.6 is released.
  • Fixes two minor bugs
  • Changing Google Analytics events to use the new analytics code
  • JW Player 7

SermonSpeaker 5.4.5 is released.
  • It contains two fixes related to language asssociation.
  • During file upload, SermonSpeaker will now replace special characters like umlauts (eg ö, ä, ü) with their corresponding normal characters (eg oe, ae, ue).