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SermonSpeaker 5.1.0 & Versioning

SermonSpeaker 5.1.0 is released. It adds support for the new Content Versioning feature within Joomla! 3.2.
Some modules and plugins are updated as well.

Bugfix release

SermonSpeaker 5.0.3 is a bugfix release to fix a bug introduced with Joomla 3.1.4 which broke Tag saving. There is also a minor bugfix related to YouTube detection.

SermonSpeaker 5.0.2 and 4.5.5 are released. SermonSpeaker 4.5.5 is only a bugfix release, however SermonSpeaker 5.0.2 adds some new features like language associations.

Bugfix release

SermonSpeaker 5.0.1 is a bugfix release which fixes two major bugs related to renaming the database fields.

Bugfix release

SermonSpeaker 4.5.6 is a bugfix release to fix a bug related to YouTube detection.