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SermonSpeaker 5.1.2

SermonSpeaker 5.1.2 is released. The changes are mostly under the hood, some bugfixes and adjusting the layout to be inline with latest changes in Joomla! 3.2.


  • There is a new option in the layout tab which allows to load an additional IcoMoon CSS file. You only need to enable this option if your template doesn't already support IcoMoon icons itself. It is responsible to show various icons like the little "play" icon in front of the sermon title or the "download" icon. if those icons are missing on your site, you can now enable this option and they will show up.
  • The automatic sermon creation in the tools section now lists all speakers (artist) and series (album) it found in the ID3 tags, but didn't find a corresponding entry in the database. It will still create the sermon as it did before, but now you know that there was a hickup in the process.

Latest Sermons Module

The module now has some added options, which allow you to use it more flexible. Namely it allows now to order it ascending or descending and additionally also based on created date instead only on sermon date.