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SermonSpeaker 5.5.1 is released.
  • Carousel layout for latest sermons module
  • Fixing a bug when using PHP 7
  • Improving SEF URLs
  • Feed uses meta data if present
  • Fixing authentication for "edit own" permission

Carousel layout

The latest sermons module has now a new layout. This will show the sermons in a carousel/slider. Please note that this makes use of the Bootstrap library shipped with Joomla core, which means the template needs to support it for it to work. With most Bootstrap templates it should work out of the box, the other likely needs some CSS styles added.

PHP7 compatibility

If you tried to store meta keywords in a sermon when using PHP7, it would generate a fatal server error due to an incompatibility in code. This has now been fixed.

Improved SEF URLs

There were cases where the viewname and the "catid" argument were attached to the URL even when the menu item already implied those settings. This should no longer happen now.

Feed and Metadata

The feed will now look for metadata and metakey for the description and keywords of an episode. If present, those will be used instead of trying to automatically create them.

"Edit Own"

There was an issue with the "edit own" permission not working as expected. This should now work correctly.