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SermonSpeaker 5.5.0 is released.
  • Improvements with AmazonS3
  • Improvements with URL generation/Routing
  • Improvements with archived sermons handling
  • Additional file information shown when ID3 lookup is used
  • JSON output for sermons list


Several improvements have been made related to AmazonS3. The most notable ones are:

  • Newly created sermons will use the https for the file links
  • "Folders" are now supported
  • The "Orphaned Files" tool now supports AmazonS3
  • Accidentally overwriting files on AmazonS3 is now prevented

URL Generation

There were some bugs in how the URL for a sermon, speaker or series was generated, namely in some cases a wrong menuitem was assigned. This should work better now.

Archived Sermons

The "archive" feature for sermons was a bit of a
 step-child. It hadn't much functionality beside hiding the sermon from view. Now it should work more as expected. The module also got a new parameter to deal with that.

File Information

When pressing the ID3 lookup button, it will now show an additional infobox containing channelmode, bitrate and sample_rate from the file.

JSON Output

The sermon view now outputs in JSON format if you append "&format=json" to the URL.