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SermonSpeaker 5.4.0 is released.

It adds the Publish Up/Down feature known from articles, now triggers the plugin event "onContentPrepareData" in edit forms and has some minor UX adjustments in backend.

There is also a ne plugin available which comes in handy if you use the Churchtool software "kOOL".

SermonSpeaker 5.4.0 will need Joomla 3.4.0 to properly run.


Publish Up/Down

You can now set a sermon (or series and speaker) to publish some day in the future or to be unpublished on a given date. This is useful if you for example run a service where you have prerecorded sermons for each day in a week.

Churchtool Plugin

If you use kOOL, you probably also use the rota feature of it. In that part you already define a speaker of the sermon and you may also have defined a topic for the sunday service in the calendar. This new plugin now lets you fetch this information from the kOOL database and it will prepopulate the sermon form with the data found. For that it simply queries the database and looks for the most recently started event which matches the event group(s) specified in the plugin parameters. From there it looks for the assigned persons in the specified rota group and then checks if there is a matching person in SermonSpeaker.


The updated modules now require SermonSpeaker 5.4 to run. This is because they now support the publish up/down feature of the SermonSpeaker component.


As always you can update your installation using the built-in Joomla update manager or by downloading it from http://www.sermonspeaker.net/download.html