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SermonSpeaker 5.3.0 is released.

It introduces new Player Plugins which will eventually replace the current built-in hardcoded players.

SermonSpeaker 5.3.0 will need Joomla 3.4.0 to properly run.

Quite some time has passed since the last release. For me it was an exciting time as I was busy both at work, with Joomla as my hobby and with my family.


Player Plugins

With the SermonSpeaker 5.3.0 package, there are four new plugins included. These are a new sort of plugins which will replace the players you know. The old players still work and will be there until I release SermonSpeaker 6.0.0. But you can and should try out the new plugins as soon as possible.
Just go to the plugin manager and make sure the player you want is enabled. Then go to the SermonSpeaker options, active the "Player" tab and select "- Use Plugin -" for the "Player" parameter.
The new plugins have the advantage that I can provide more flexible options for each player. Also you will be able define in which order the players should try to load in case you have multiple file types in your sermons. Just order the plugins in the manager.
On a sidenote: This also allows the community to provide own players to SermonSpeaker, and the generic plugin even tries to allow you to use a random 3rd party player plugin (not specific for SermonSpeaker).


There are a few bugfixes included. The most important one was a nasty fatal error which occured mainly together with the autotweet plugin when editing from frontend.


The SermonCast module has an additonal layout which was created by Sven Lauch. There is also an option to use the new SermonSpeaker logos as the podcast link.


SermonSpeaker now has a real shiny logo. These were created and given for free by Almuth Lauch. They can be used for free as long as it is on combination with SermonSpeaker. Please see the full license at https://github.com/Bakual/SermonSpeaker/blob/master/com_sermonspeaker/media/logo/LICENSE.md or within the distributed /media/logo directory.


As always you can update your installation using the built-in Joomla update manager or by downloading it from http://www.sermonspeaker.net/download.html