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× Support for SermonSpeaker 4.x is canceled as it is for Joomla 2.5. I will gladly assist you with minor issues but I will not fix any bugs anymore in this releases.
The fix is to upgrade to SermonSpeaker 5.x and Joomla 3.x, which is better anyway.

Tag format "id3v2.3" is not allowed for flv files

5 years 3 months ago #4519 by John Vogel
Just an update. I didn't see a line for the detail page in the columns tab, but I enabled the player for all of them. I then did get a new player button, which loaded and played the fly file very quickly. The only problem I had was the low quality of the video (probably due to the small flv file). I changed that to a higher resolution mp4 file, (about 366mb), which took about 5 minutes to load up enough to give me a play button, and audio only when I did try to run it. I am currently downsizing that file, and will upload the smaller version as soon as it's done. Hopefully that will work.

Are there any good parameters somewhere concerning file sizes for the player?

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5 years 3 months ago #4521 by Thomas Hunziker
I'm not familiar with video parameters. Maybe someone else who does record videos can help.

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