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Player doesn't work..

5 years 5 months ago #4370 by Andy Prosser
Everything works fine except when I click on a specific sermon from the "Latest Sermon" module.

The player reports Unsupported File Type.

see: calvary.org.uk/ccf/index.php/sermons-lis...-its-all-about-jesus

I FTP'd the file which is over 50Mb - maybe that's why if the limit is 24M ?
It's a normal mp3 file.

However the file plays fine using the other player (accessible from the "speaker" or "series" module)


Is there a way that the series module can use this player instead?

The PHP file size limit is a real pain by the way - and Siteground, our host won't increase it without a much more expensive account :-( (hence the work around with FTP)


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5 years 5 months ago #4371 by Thomas Hunziker
Your file doesn't play in the series player either. Try it ;)

The reason is most likely that you have spaces in your filename. Try changing the filename to all lowercase and without any special characters, and of course update the sermon to use the new filename.
The size of the file doesn't matter for the player. That is only an issue during upload. And there I can't do much on my side.

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