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Podcasting woes

8 years 1 day ago #790 by Cindy
Podcasting woes was created by Cindy
For some reason I cannot wrap my head around the podcasting. It seems so easy but can't get it to work.
This is our feed wellspring1866.org/index.php?option=com_sermonspeaker&view=feed

itunes rejected it because the very top mp3 was not working. I fixed that. What troubles me is when I click podcast and itunes opens with the podcast it only shows the most recently added (mp3 at the top Chapter 02). Should it be showing all the mp3s and will they play one after the other? Thanks.

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8 years 1 day ago #791 by Andrei Chernyshev
Replied by Andrei Chernyshev on topic Podcasting woes
I'm seeing couple things that could be wrong. I've had mine rejected because my image was not pointing to an actual image file. but my guess is that they could reject for other reasons as well.
image URL is pointing to wellspring1866.org/ <url> wellspring1866.org/ </url>
Itunes Summary just has Messages in it. <itunes:summary>Messages</itunes:summary>
Each Podcast Description has Untitled document as description <description> Untitled document </description>
1st mp3 file duraction is set to 00:00 <itunes:duration>00:00</itunes:duration>
feed validator gives a warning and requests to comma separate the
<itunes:keywords>Wellspring Foundation</itunes:keywords>

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8 years 1 day ago #793 by Thomas Hunziker
Replied by Thomas Hunziker on topic Podcasting woes
The feed itself is valid. That is the most important step for making a podcast and it's the thing SermonSpeaker tries to help you :-)
If you have a valid, working podcast, you can submit it to the Apple iTunes Store, they have some additional requirements which are written in the official pages: www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/specs.html

Make sure all options in SermonSpeaker are filled with acurate informations as they will be checked by Apple in the submission process.

The podcast will show the latest sermons, depending on the "feed length" setting in the global Joomla settings. Standard is "10" if I remember right, so it should show the latest 10 sermons. What iTunes will display is however up to Apple and may differ :-)

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