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× Support for SermonSpeaker 3.x is canceled as it is for Joomla 1.5. I will gladly assist you with minor issues but I will not fix any bugs anymore in this releases.
The fix is to upgrade to SermonSpeaker 4.x, which is better anyway.

Can't Download

7 years 3 months ago #1816 by Corey Bishop
Can't Download was created by Corey Bishop

Not sure what happened, but we were downloading sermons before and now all of a sudden we can't. I'm not sure how long this has been going on. Website is cbcflorida.org . Don't know exactly which version, other than 3.x that I'm using. If you click download on a sermon, you'll eventually get a failure to load page. I have double checked all settings and all seems fine. Thanks for your help!

God Bless!

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7 years 3 months ago #1817 by Thomas Hunziker
Replied by Thomas Hunziker on topic Can't Download
My guess is that your filenames aren't really URL safe. Try to avoid spaces and special chars in the filename and see if it's working then.
One difference I saw between a working one and a broken one is that the broken one is named "Getting the Dirt Out - Judges 3 [03-.mp3" and the working one is "Set Free - Philemon [03-20-11 AM].mp3". The closing "]" is missing for the broken one. Not wure why this would cause an issue thought. Maybe check the error log of your server to see if you got an error by the script.

Later versions of SermonSpeaker will automatically rename the file to a safe name to avoid such problems.

If you could tell me exactly which version you're using, then I could check the code to see how the download works in your case. The version should be visible in the Joomla extension manager.

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