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Git commited for changes in files under wwwroot

1 year 11 months ago #6182 by Ken Lee
Dear Thomas,
I forked git SermonSpeaker and cloned it locally to say /home/SermonSpeaker.
My wwwroot with Joomla installed, say at /var/www/html. I changed files in my wwwroot. When I want to commit obviously my local repository is unaware of changes in /var/www/html. Also, the git folder structure is very different from install SermonSpeaker. Of course I do not want to redo the code changes in git repository just for committing.
How can I make them work togather? Thank you.

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1 year 10 months ago #6183 by Thomas Hunziker
Hi Ken

The repo isn't meant to be used directly in a server. You need to build the package and install it using the Joomla extension installer/updater.
If you want to sync the folders, you will have to set up symlinks to get it working, but you would still miss changes in the database if they occur.

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