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"Clear all" button, integrated feed link, language management

SermonSpeaker 4.4.10 is released. I've added a "Clear all" button to the filtering fields, integrated feed links to sermons list and a language management to the backend. And some bugfixes as always.

"Clear all" button

There is a new button beside the filter field which allows the user to reset all applied filtering.

Intergrated feed links

SermonSpeaker may include a link to the sermon feed into the head of the listpage. This link will take into account the selected category.
Modern browsers will pick up this link and offer the user to subscribe to this page.

This option can be enabled in the SermonSpeaker options in the integration tab.

Language management

The backend now has a new menuitem "Languages". This allows to see which language packs you have installed and if there is a newer one available. Feedback on this function is welcome as it's still a bit experimental.


The two most important bugfixes are:

  • Links to AmazonS3 were not properly created if the bucket was not an US one. The fix only works for new sermons, existing sermons need to be resaved to update the link.
  • Links to subcategories were not working correctly if the category type was set other than "sermons". Extern links which used the URL parameters &sermon_cat, &series_cat or &speaker_cat will now no longer apply the filters. This probably only applies to some feed links. You can create custom redirect rules within Joomla to fix this. New filtering is done with the standard &catid parameter and with menu items.