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New content plugin, optional ACL when editing a sermon

SermonSpeaker 4.4.9 is released. It contains mainly some dependancies related to the new content and updated editor plugin. There is also a new feature which allows to apply some additional restrictions when editing sermons.

New content plugin

There is a new content plugin which allows to include a link, player or sermon informations into an article. Read the article about the new plugin for more information.

Optional ACL

This new feature can be enabled in the "Editing" tab of the SermonSpeaker options. It will restrict the series, speakers and tagslist depending on their category restrictions.
In case the value isn't set yet, the "create" permissions apply, otherwise the "edit state" permission is enforced.
This allows to filter the list of series, speakers and tags for certain users so they only see what's relevant to them.

Other new stuff

  • When installing SermonSpeaker the first time, it will now select matching default layouts for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 respectively. This should make sure SermonSpeaker works "out of the box".