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SermonSpeaker goes Transifex

With the release of SermonSpeaker 4.4, we moved the whole translation for SermonSpeaker to Opentranslators.org and Transifex.com.

OpenTranslators is a hub for getting developers and translators together. It's dedicated for Joomla and the suggested way to get extensions translated. They make use of Transifex to achieve this, a site dedicated to translate various software projects. The idea is to make it easier for both the translators and the developers to get the extensions translated.

Why the need for a change?

So far I had to manually add all new language strings to the language files, then sending them out for translation and waiting a week or two till they came back (or not) translated. Then I had to copy the translated files back to my repository. I also was restricted to the translators I already know because they translated SermonSpeaker previously.
The translators on the other hand faced a lot of files with a lot of text and they had to translate them using a text editor. There was no help in doing so.

Now what does OpenTranslators/Transifex better?

One of the best thing is the User Interface Transifex provides. A translator can basically browse the strings and translate them online in the webbrowser. The changes are saved instantely.
If the same string is already used in another language file, it will even be automatically translated. So no duplicate translating of the same stuff anymore. Also Transifex will make suggestions if similar strings are found elsewhere.

Another advantage is that translators could translate the strings long before release. As soon as I add a new string to the sourcefile (english in our case), the translators can translate it. There is no manual action required from me to update the other languages.

An interesting thing is that OpenTranslators has dedicated translator teams for many languages. This means that SermonSpeaker could maybe be translated into languages not available so far. It all depends if someone in a language team decides to translate it, they don't have to actually use this extension to do so.

Now how to translate?

It's quite easy. You register at Transifex and then join a translation team. After that you can already start translating all projects registered at OpenTranslators. Of course hopefully you start with the SermonSpeaker project Cool

I'm lost

If a language is missing, or you can't join a team, or anything else goes wrong or is unclear, please contact me. I'm sure it can be solved.

Status of main SermonSpeaker language file translation

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