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SermonSpeaker is free to use. However it's nice if you want to give something back.
There are various ways how you could contribute to the SermonSpeaker project.


Creating new language files for SermonSpeaker or improve an existing translation is probably the best way to contribute to the SermonSpeaker project.

Translating SermonSpeaker is done with Transifex and OpenTranslators. Transifex is a webbased localization platform which makes it quite easy for translaters and developers to work together. Joomla! maintains an own project on Transifex, named OpenTranslators. This allows to build groups of translators for a specific language which is then allowed to translate each extension that is part of OpenTranslators.

More is explained in the article SermonSpeaker & OpenTranslators.


While I think I can write software quite good, I'm horrible at everything related to design and graphics. So if you can create a better layout than what is included in SermonSpeaker, feel free to share it with other users. That's another very good way to give something back to SermonSpeaker. Look at the articles about layouting to see how custom layouts can be built.

Create Graphics

As said I'm not a graphics guy. You may have noticed that SermonSpeaker doesn't have a nice logo. It's not something important but of course it would be a nice thing if SermonSpeaker would have a nice logo. If you can create something that looks professional enough, I would be happy to use it. I would need something that could be put on this website (instead of the SermonSpeaker text banner and for the favicon), JED (110*110px), the Facebook page (160*160px and maybe a banner) and of course into SermonSpeaker itself. (Thanks to Almuth Lauch, I finally got a nice logo).

However there may be other graphics within SermonSpeaker which could use an improvement. If you're good with graphics, you will see the possible improvements better than I do for sure :)


Rating SermonSpeaker on the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) helps get SermonSpeaker used more. Especially if the rating is good. Of course becoming a fan on Facebook is also kind of a rating.


If you think you found a bug, feel free to post your findings in the forums. This is the best way to get me notified.


If you are able to provide the code to fix a bug or even created a new feature, you are welcome to share this code with me. The easiest way to do this is by using GitHub. Just create a PullRequest with your proposed changes and I will probably merge it. Read more in this article: SermonSpeaker & GitHub.


At the bottom of each page is a "Donate" button. This allows you to donate some money using PayPal. This is by no means required to use SermonSpeaker, SermonSpeaker is completely free to use without any fee. But if you feel like supporting me financially, this is the way to do it.