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SermonSpeaker goes GitHubGitHub

I've moved the repository for SermonSpeaker from JoomlaCode to GitHub where also the Joomla Core and many other projects are maintained. GitHub wants to support "social coding", meaning that everyone can work on the same project. In theory JoomlaCode would have allowed the same, but the webgui GitHub offers is just far better and makes it incredibly easy to open new issues or even submit code improvements to the project.

What that means for you

  • If you are just using SermonSpeaker on your page, then nothing changes for you. Also support is handled in the forums as always. This is not what GitHub is for.
  • If you encountered and verified a bug in SermonSpeaker, you could now open an issue in GitHub. For this you only need a GitHub account, which is free.
  • If you even know how to fix a bug or improve something, you can submit a "Pull Request" which the suggested code changes. To do this you also need a free GitHub account. Then you "fork" the SermonSpeaker project and make the code changes in your own copy of the project. This can be down in a webbased editor or you can download the file and edit it localy. If the changes are made, you can create a "Pull Request" with the changes you made. GitHub will automatically check which lines are changed and only these lines will be included in the Pull Request.
  • If you want to check out the latest developer version, you could download it from GitHub.

Where to find the project

The SermonSpeaker project is located at You will probably be interested in the SermonSpeaker4.0 tree, which includes all extensions related to the newest SermonSpeaker. The other trees are not in active development anymore.