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Together with the folks from we have coded an AddOn for their component obSocialSubmit. The component allows to automatically publish new and/or edited entries to almost any social media you want.

In case of SermonSpeaker this means that any new sermon you create will be published to Facebook, Twitter, ... fully automated and immediately.

The AddOn we did allows you to specify if the new sermon should be posted as a playable file, or as an article. The picture shows both variants on Facebook as an example.

The posted entries on a Facebook page

The obSocialSubmit component is built very modular. You need to buy the component from them and each AddOn you like to use. The SermonSpeaker AddOn can be downloaded for free from here, however they probably also offer it for sale on their site which will then have included support.

After Andrei discovered this component and paid them to develop the AddOn, we improved it further and now we can really recommend this product as it offers a nice addition to SermonSpeaker.